Do I have to write the intake assessment? How long will it take?

The intake assessment is the first step to taking classes at our program. It looks at your English and Math skills. You cannot pass or fail the assessment. It takes about three hours to complete, but can be written over more than one session. All new students must write the assessment. Students who have graduated from high school can meet with the director of the program to determine if they may be exempted from the assessment.

Do I need to make an appointment to write the intake assessment?

No appointment is necessary to write the assessment, students can drop in whenever they have the time to write it. The building is open to Adult learners from 9 to 3:30 Monday to Thursday while classes are running. Fridays are available only during registration periods.

I don't think I earned any credits in high school. Do you still need my transcript?

If you think you attended any school at a Grade 9 level or higher, we want to see your transcript - there might be some credits you forgot about that we can apply towards your diploma!

I'm not 19 years old yet. Can I still take classes there?

Generally students must be at least 19 years of age and not in school in order to enroll. Students under the age of 19 may be allowed to attend providing that they have not graduated from high school or are no longer able to attend high school because of extenuating circumstances. The Lord Selkirk Adult Learning Program is required by the Department of Education to limit the number of under age students.

How much do classes cost?

There is an annual registration fee of $25. This fee is for the entire year, regardless of how many classes you take. There is no tuition for individual classes.

When do classes run? Do you have summer classes?

Our program follows the school calendar of the Lord Selkirk School Division. We follow the semester system, so first semester classes run from September to January, and second semester classes run from February to June. We do not offer classes in the summer.

Do you offer online or independent courses?

The majority of our courses are classroom based, with your instructor. We do not offer online courses. A limited amount of Independent courses (modular based) are currently available. Community Service, Employment for Credit, Family Studies, and Physical Education are available for independent learners to complete elective credits.

Do you offer childcare?

Unfortunately we do not offer any child care services. We try to offer consistent yet flexible class schedules so that students can arrange regular child care services for themselves.

Do you offer Applied Mathematics 40S?

The math courses we offer are Essentials Math 40S, and Pre-Calculus 20S/30S/40S. We do not offer Applied Mathematics at this time. Often programs that require Applied Math for admission will also accept Pre-Calculus 40S, and we can help you earn this credit as an alternate option.

I am applying to a program that requires a specific 40S course. Do I need to take the 30S course first?

Physics, Chemistry, and Pre-Calculus Math require the 30S credit for the respective course first, and we offer these classes usually in first semester. All other courses, including Biology 40S and Essentials Math 40S do NOT require any previous courses, but the initial assessment will help determine if you have the skills to succeed.

How do I get my transcript from you? I need it to apply to a program.

Just contact us! While LSEC is open, we can issue transcripts within 2-3 business days, often sooner. Additionally, transcripts are mailed to students at completion of each semester. We cannot issue transcripts during school breaks. During closures, you should contact the school division board office about transcripts. Official transcripts are always available from the Department of Education for a fee of $15. Transcripts request information is available on the Manitoba Education website.