Courses Offered

Course availability and schedule varies for each semester. Some courses have prerequisites.

First Semester: September to January
Second Semester: February to June

Adult Learning Program

Grade 12 Comprehensive English

EN 40SC 

Students learn about using language for different purposes (creative and persuasive writing). They will read a play and a novel, as well as complete a research project.

Grade 12 Transactional English


Students learn about themselves as learners. Areas of study include interviews, reports, advertising, memoirs, and writing editorials. Students read a play and a novel and respond to them in a variety of ways. 

Grade 12 Essential Math


Students work through topics such as home insurance, mortgages, investments, government finance, vehicle finance, statistics, and trigonometry.

Grade 10/11 PreCalculus Math

MAPC 20/30S

This algebra-based course prepares students for grade 12 Pre Calculus Math. It is an accelerated course that will require several hours of homework per week.

Grade 12 PreCalculus Math


This is a continuation of grade 11 Pre Cal Math. Concepts in this course (functions, trigonometry, and logarithms) are the building blocks for studying calculus.

Grade 12 Biology


The course consists of an introduction to the diversity of life (genetics, DNA, evolution, and biodiversity).

Grade 11 Chemistry

CH 30S

This course provides a foundation for the development of scientific literacy in all students. Topics include: Physical Properties & Changes; Chemical Reactions; Solubility; Acids & Bases; and Organic Chemistry.

Grade 12 Chemistry

CH 40S

This is a continuation of grade 11 Chemistry. Topics include: Measurement, Observation, and Reporting; Kinetics; Chemical, Acid-base, and Solubility Equilibriums; and Oxidation and Reduction.

Grade 11 Physics

PH 30S

This course explores a variety of laws and formulas (velocity, acceleration, vectors, Newton's laws of motion, waves, sound, and light). Requires a strong mathematical background.

Grade 12 Physics

PH 40S

A continuation of grade 11 physics (fields and forces, energy conservation, electric circuits, magnetism, electromagnetic induction, and alternating current).

Grade 12 Community Studies

CS 41G

By volunteering, students learn about and interact with people. Students have found their experience so rewarding that they have continued to volunteer after completing the course. Requires approval by the Education Director.

Grade 12 Skills for Academic Success


This course explores addresses gaps that sometimes prevent students from being academically successful. Topics include writing skills, goal setting, study skills, time management, reading strategies and oral communication skills.

Grade 12 Life Work Transition

LW 40S 

An exploration of potential career opportunities, job preparation skills, and personal management reflection.